I don’t think I thought this blog out very well….

This is supposed to be an easy way to stay in contact with my parents about my attempts to find a job.  However, I forgot about the fact that this is a public blog.  So, I’m not about to go posting job listings all over cause frankly it’s easy enough to stalk someone online already, lol.  I will try to be better about posting, though!  I’ll just have to talk in code a little bit to protect the teensy little bit of personal privacy I’ve managed to maintain. No hard feelings to the general public who is likely not reading this anyways.

Yeah, so… keep reading?  If you like, that is. 🙂


One thought on “I don’t think I thought this blog out very well….

  1. Le Sigh. Could someone just hire me please? I’m so adorable in person, really! I even had an interview at one Super Duper Awesome Retail Store of a lovely little tech company based in California. You may have heard of it. Hint: It’s the Apple Store. Sorry, I’m not really great with hints and stuff… and finishing my thought processes… process-ae?

    (And by hire I don’t necessarily mean for some job I could’ve done in High School, although to be fair, I was pretty awesome even back in High School. Y’all Know What I’m Talking About. 😉 Wink.

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